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Zag Worx

At Zag Worx, we go above and beyond to ensure that you get the best sales and sales leadership talent to power your revenue growth.

Rather than just posting job openings or presenting potential candidates, we actively seek out sales professionals and managers who have a proven track record of success and reaching or exceeding their sales targets.

This is why all of our placements in 2021 and 2022 hit their sales goals for the year.

Delivering the access to the revenue talent you need

Client Testimonials.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Michael. He has proven to be not only supportive but also driven to help me accomplish my professional goals and objectives. Throughout our engagement, I was impressed by Michael's knowledge of both the sales and recruiting space.

William (Bill) Walton - VP of Sales & Business Development

Michael helped me immensely during the recruiting process. His professional approach is only matched by his knowledge of sales at each level of a sales organization. The close rapport he built throughout out work together made him an extremely valuable asset. I would highly recommend Michael for your Sales Recruiting needs.

Cary Goldman - Sales Director, Enterprise B2B

Michael possesses a deep knowledge of the sales profession and has a wide network of well-qualified sales leadership, management, and individual contributors across many industries. His team understands what we need and has never failed to present a solid panel of great prospective candidates for each of our roles.

Michelle Bodick - Managing Director, Americas Sales & Marketing

Every time I have a position to fill, regardless of level, the candidates presented by Michael and Zag Worx are always the best I see. He never wasted my time with candidates that weren't a fit for the role.

Jim Cantrell - SR VP of Sales

Meet Our Team

We are a small group of talented and experienced sales recruiters who are passionate about helping our clients find the best sales candidates for their organizations. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the sales profession, we work tirelessly to connect top-tier talent with our great clients.

Founder | Executive Sales Recruiter